TU’s Pre-College Programs Summer Camp provides students with ‘A Summer of Learning and Earning’

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Participants in Thomas University’s Educational Talent Search and GEAR UP programs had the opportunity to learn about a variety of topics through a combination of online and in-person activities during TU’s Pre-College Programs Summer Camp with the theme “A Summer of Learning and Earning.”

Held June 21-July 16, a total of 52 students from Bainbridge, Thomasville and Thomas County middle and high schools participated in the camp.

“The goal is to keep students engaged academically during the summer as well as expose them to postsecondary opportunities and culturally enriching activities,” said Melanie Martin, TU’s Director of Pre-College Programs.

First Commerce Credit Union hosted a virtual financial literacy workshop on June 24 during which 40 participants learned about banking basics, such as saving for college, budgeting and using credit cards.

“As a long-time community partner, we were honored to be part of this unique summer program for students across the area,” said First Commerce CEO Cecilia Homison. “We are committed to empowering people to enhance their financial well-being, and this program was a tremendous opportunity to provide budgeting and money management tools that will help these students build a path toward financial success.”

Martin said, “This was an opportunity for us to expose our students to the idea of opening a bank account and saving. While we can’t guarantee they will continue to use their accounts, we at least will have started them on the path and hope that some of them develop the habit of saving.”

During the camp participants learned and applied coding skills for programming and flying drones. Camp participants took part in the TU Pre-College Programs’ first-ever Culinary Club, where they learned about culinary arts programs at colleges, how to improve their cooking skills and about proper nutrition. Through a partnership with the Jack Hadley Black History Museum, camp participants learned how music helped shape historical events, such as the Civil Rights Movement and current social issues during a five-day seminar called “Music for Social Change.”

The Pre-College Programs Summer Camp also included culturally enriching field trips. Participants visited the Tallahassee Museum and Urban Air in Tallahassee. They also toured Mercer University in Macon. Next week participants will visit Atlanta to enjoy the Atlanta Zoo, the Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coke.

“The goal of the program is to prepare students to go into programs of postsecondary study after high school,” Martin explained. “Exposure to programs such as the culinary arts and the hospitality industry may spark an interest in the field. Cultural enrichment is important because it enhances one’s perspective and fosters creativity and innovation, which are important attributes to acquire as students navigate their secondary and postsecondary careers. Plus, learning financial literacy teaches students how to properly handle their finances and plan for the future.”

In addition to the summer camp activities, other workshops will be offered during the year for students and their parents in coding skills, financial literacy, and the Culinary Club. The Educational Talent Search and GEAR UP programs are funded by the Department of Education.

Jason Perry (far left), Georgia Market Executive with First Commerce Credit Union, and Chris Scurry (far right), Adel Financial Services Officer with First Commerce Credit Union, join Melanie Martin (second from right), Thomas University’s Director of Pre-College Programs, along with the rest of the Pre-College Programs leaders and summer camp participants on TU’s Forbes Campus before a field trip on Friday, July 16. First Commerce Credit Union hosted a virtual financial literacy workshop that was part of this year’s summer camp activities.

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