TU begins offering Supply Chain Management bachelor’s degree

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Recognizing the increasing importance of the field of supply chain management, Thomas University will begin offering a bachelor’s degree in the subject this fall. Classes will be taught entirely online in eight-week sessions to meet the needs of working professionals.

“The field of supply chain management is increasingly important right now given the business landscape that is global and interconnected,” said Dr. Ekpen Owie, Assistant Professor of Business. “The supply chains of organizations, both for manufacturing and services, drive the flow of products, information, and finance to create value for stakeholders. A disruption can have far-reaching ramifications, with the recent 2020 pandemic as an example. We cannot emphasize enough the need for effective and efficient management of integrated supply chains.”

Supply chain management deals with the flow of goods and services between businesses and locations. This includes the movement and storage of raw materials, of work-in-process inventory, and of finished goods as well as end-to-end order fulfillment from point of origin to point of consumption. TU’s degree will provide students with the knowledge and skills to design and manage global supply chains during the entire life cycle of a product from design to distribution.

“In light of the sustainability trends, supply chain management offers an opportunity for stakeholders to implement initiatives while balancing economic, social, and environmental considerations,” Dr. Owie said. “In addition, scholars and practitioners in the supply chain management field will be at the forefront in dealing with the imperatives of the imminent fourth industrial revolution within the context of sustainability.”

Thomas University’s degree in Supply Chain Management was developed in collaboration with members of TU’s Leadership Business Council, which consists of local and national business professionals to ensure that the curriculum includes elements critical to the supply chain field.

“The program is suitable for traditional students that want to develop a career in the field or switch from something else and non-traditional students who wish to obtain a degree to support their years of professional experience,” Dr. Owie said.

During their time in the Supply Chain Management program, students will also be prepared to take certification exams in Production and Inventory Management; Logistics, Transportation, and Distribution; and Six Sigma Green Belt.

“These certifications are highly sought and recognized by industry leaders around the globe, and the preparation to take them is critical,” Dr. Owie said. “Students will benefit from obtaining these certifications to deepen their knowledge and skills in the specialized areas and stand out among the crowd. In addition, having these certifications signals a commitment to professionalism, continuous learning, and excellence.”

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