Thomas University introduces Justice Administration as a new major

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By Angela Rivera-Lopez, Student writer

This fall Thomas University will begin offering a bachelor’s degree in Justice Administration.

The degree is ideal for law enforcement personnel or students interested in careers with criminal justice agencies at the local, state, or federal level, said Dr. Melinda Piller, Chair of the Division of Business. The degree is also well-suited for students interested in security management or positions as security analysts in private businesses or at public institutions.

“Students benefit by learning the most current theoretical concepts and ideas in criminal justice settings while building skills in both business administration and management,” Piller explained. “The degree provides a host of professional opportunities in diverse workplace settings and offers employees the opportunity to earn a degree that is applicable to a myriad of jobs in public, private and social sector industries.”

The degree combines courses from both the Business Administration and Criminal Justice academic divisions.

“The Justice Administration bachelor’s degree will prepare students for any position up the promotional ladder of a law enforcement agency, including elected positions such as county sheriff,” said Crawford Battle, Chair of the Division of Criminal Justice. “Having this degree would especially be an advantage to TU graduates when seeking a promotion.”

The entire degree program will be delivered online, but many of the business courses will also be available on-campus.

“Our goal is to prepare students to immediately enter the workplace with the skills and degrees ideally suited to the current workforce,” Piller said.

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