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Last year students from Thomas County Schools and the City of Thomasville School System who participated in Thomas University Division of Education’s Camp STEMtastic collected enough donations and bottle caps to be recycled into a buddy bench for each school in both systems. When Scott Sweeting, Science coordinator for Thomas County Schools, realized they would far exceed the number of bottle caps required for their school system’s benches, he suggested donating the extra bottle caps to Thomas University for a bench on campus.

Dr. Susan Lynn, Chair of TU’s Division of Education, donated the money needed to go along with the bottle caps for the bench. On Friday, Oct. 25, 2019, the bench was officially presented to TU, where it will be placed by the front door of the Division of Education building as a reminder of the Camp STEMtastic Bottle Caps to Benches project. Participating in the presentation are (from left) Sweeting; April Penton, Camp STEMtastic co-coordinator; and Lynn. Camp STEMTastic participants are already collecting bottle caps and donations toward next year’s project.

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