Teaching Endorsements

Teaching endorsements are an add-on statements that appears on a teacher certification. An endorsement recognizes additional expertise in a designated area. Applicants to Endorsement programs may choose to enter the program as a non-degree, post-baccalaureate student or they may choose to incorporate the endorsement classes while completing their degree-seeking program.

Classes for teaching endorsements are offered synchronously online.  Multiple start dates are available.  Please contact us for additional information.


The purpose of the Dyslexia Endorsement is to enhance teacher’s understanding of dyslexia and related reading disorders, including evidence-based screening tools and multi-sensory, instructional methods and interventions.

Orientation to Advanced Programs in Education
Literacy Development and Dyslexia
Assessment of Reading and Language Disabilities
Interventions for Dyslexia Students
Advanced Candidate Program Completion

+Gifted In-Field

The purpose of the Gifted In-Field Endorsement is to enhance teachers understanding of how gifted learners grow and develop in order to design and teach developmentally appropriate and challenging learning experiences.

Orientation to Advanced Programs in Education
Characteristics of Gifted Children
Curriculum & Instruction for Gifted Children and Youth
Assessment & Program Implementation for Gifted Children and Youth
Advanced Candidate Program Completion


Orientation to Advanced Programs in Education
Language Development and the Classroom
Cultural Issues and English Language Learners
Methods and Resources for Teaching English Language Learners
Advanced Candidate Program Completion

+K-5 Math

The purpose of the K-5 Mathematics Endorsement program is to enhance the mathematical content and pedagogical knowledge of teachers in grades K-5.

Orientation to Advanced Programs in Education
Developing Concepts of Number and Operation
Developing Concepts of Algebraic Thinking and Data Analysis
Developing Concepts of Geometry and Measurement
Advanced Candidate Program Completion

Individuals wishing to complete this endorsement must have the following:

  • A valid Level 4 or higher Induction, Professional, Advanced Professional, or Lead Professional teaching certificate in one of the following fields:
    Elementary Education (P-5)
    Middle Grades Mathematics (4-8)
    Special Education General Curriculum / Early Childhood Education (P-5); or
  • Any of the following certificates combined with a core academic content concentration in mathematics:
    Special Education General Curriculum (P-12);
    Special Education Adapted Curriculum (P-12);
    Special Education Behavior Disorders (P-12);
    Special Education Learning Disabilities (P-12);
    Special Education Deaf Education (P-12);
    Special Education Physical and Health Disabilities (P-12);
    Special Education Visual Impairment (P-12); or
    Gifted Education (P-12).
  • One year of successful teaching experience.

Upon successful completion of the endorsement program, candidates who are teaching mathematics in grades K-5 will be eligible to earn salary incentives when funded by the Georgia General Assembly.

+Online Teaching

The purpose of the Online Teaching Endorsement is to prepare candidates with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to become effective online teachers.

Orientation to Advanced Programs in Education
Applying Technology for Effective Instruction
Instructional Design and Practices for Online Instruction
Digital Learning Assessment Design and Data Analysis
Internship in Digital Learning
Advanced Candidate Program Completion


The Reading Endorsement program is designed to prepare students for specialized work in diagnosing reading difficulties, creating school-wide reading programs, and improving reading instruction in the classroom.

Orientation to Advanced Programs in Education
Foundations of Literacy and Assessment
Comprehension, Curricular & Programmatic Strategies
Enhancing Literacy with Literature
Patters of Practice in English Language Arts
Advanced Candidate Program Completion

+Teacher Leadership

The Teacher Leadership Endorsement program is designed to enhance the role of the teacher as a leader in the school community.

Teacher as Leader and Mentor
Observation and Analysis
Leading a Professional Learning Community
Using Data to Improve Schools
Building Collaborative Teams
Action Research for the Teacher Leader
Advanced Candidate Program Completion

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