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Thomas University collaborates with numerous agencies and organizations to provide students in several majors to provide internship and field work experiences for students to gain critical educational aspects for soon-to-be graduates. We are always looking for quality educational experiences for our students.

Several majors at TU require students to perform fieldwork as part of their curriculum.  Other majors offer the opportunity for students to do internships for credit toward their degree.  

If you are interested in having a TU student at your agency/organization, please see the information below regarding specific guidelines for each major.

+Division of Business

The Thomas University Business Division partners with a myriad of industries, including banking, accounting, sales, small business, nonprofit, and public sector, in an effort to provide unique “real world” opportunities for our undergraduate and graduate students. Students typically work with seasoned professionals, who are committed to teaching and mentoring, throughout the internship experience.

During an internship, students are required to participate in preparing for their job interviews. Our intern experiences include filling-out applications, building a resume and participating in the interview process with top industry leaders. When hired, interns prepare weekly reports, which include documenting their weekly assignments and work hours.

Students earn 3 college credits for 120 clock hours of work. In addition, many firms provide a stipend and a pathway to full or part-time employment.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Melinda Piller, Business Division Chair 229-226-1611 x 1024

Examples of Thomas University Industry Partners and Host Companies:

  • Oil-Dri
  • Ag-Pro
  • Lannigan & Associates, CPA
  • Leon County Sheriff’s Office
  • TC Federal Bank
  • TECTS Power
  • Thomasville Community Resource Center
  • Second Harvest of South Georgia
  • WCTV Television
  • Thomasville Payroll Development
  • The Rotary Club
  • Thomasville Chamber of Commerce
  • SouthLife Supply Company
  • Everfan
  • Sweetgrass Dairy
Internship Manual

+Division of Counseling & Psychology

Fieldwork information for:
  • Clinical Mental Health and Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling
  • Psychology
  • Rehabilitation Studies

Gaining practical experience is an important and rewarding component of the graduate program in Clinical Mental Health and Clinical Counseling, as well as the undergraduate programs in Psychology and Rehabilitation Studies. Students partner with the Division’s Fieldwork Coordinator to locate and secure suitable sites in cities throughout the country. The following information will prepare students and prospective site supervisors for successful fieldwork experiences.

Prospective Site Supervisors:

Thomas University is grateful to our many community-based agency partners providing important practical experiences to students helping them prepare for careers in Clinical Mental Health and Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling. Site supervisors meet TU’s program requirements when the following qualifications are in place:

  • A master’s degree in counseling or a related profession
  • Appropriate professional licenses and/or certifications
  • Two years of professional experience in alignment with the student’s program

In addition, site supervisors need to acquire knowledge of TU’s program expectations and have appropriate training in counselor supervision. Expectations are outlined in the Fieldwork Agreement form and Internship Manual. In addition, Site Supervisor Training has been provided covering counselor supervision strategies, key concepts and best practices. This training also provides site supervisors with the information needed to easily and efficiently conduct weekly time log and narrative review/approval in TU’s online tool called Typhon. The Site Supervisor Letter provides additional technical information about Typhon access, and we are always here to assist if questions arise.

Finally, the Memorandum of Understanding solidifies the important working relationship TU hopes to establish with your agency.

Fieldwork Students

If you are preparing to take your first fieldwork course, please review the Fieldwork Letter for students and complete the online Fieldwork Intent Form. Completion of this form is the first step in the fieldwork planning process and should be completed no later than eight weeks prior to a semester in which you will be enrolled in Practicum, Internship I, II or III. All students in fieldwork are required to purchase an account in Typhon, our online fieldwork documentation tool. A one-time fee for program use needs to be completed prior to the start of the practicum semester. All students will be trained on the proper use of Typhon during the first week of practicum by the practicum instructor and step-by-step instructions on how to use Typhon are linked below.

NOTE: Undergraduate students enrolled in either the Psychology or Rehabilitation Studies programs will not be required to use Typhon. Other fieldwork requirements are applicable and will be coordinated with Stacie Reilly.

Please review the TU Fieldwork Site Selection presentation and plan to work closely with Stacie Reilly, the Fieldwork Coordinator, who will provide support to you as you seek and secure a suitable fieldwork site.

Contact Information

Stacie R. Reilly, M.S., CRC

TU Field Work Coordinator, Division of Counseling and Psychology

(229) 977-7673

Once you secure and receive approval for a site, you and your site supervisor will be asked to sign a Fieldwork Agreement indicating your understanding of the fieldwork requirements and responsibilities. Please also review the Fieldwork Success training and the Internship Manual.

+Division of Education

The Office of Field Experiences collaborates with professors, field supervisors and partner school districts to secure all PK-12 placements for field experiences and student teaching. The goal of the Coordinator of Placements and Partnerships is to assist the teacher candidate’s progression from theory to practice in pursuit of becoming a professional educator. The Coordinator of Placements and Partnerships strives to provide optimal field experiences in order for the teacher candidate to develop into an effective beginning teacher who values diversity and believes that all students can learn.

If you are interested in assisting with the education of future teachers, please contact us!

Dr. Kathy Keown
Coordinator of Field Work Placement and Partnerships
Division of Education
229-226-1621 ext 1082

+Medical Laboratory Science

If you are interested in assisting with the education of future Medical Laboratory professionals, please contact us!

Leslie Cooper
Program Director
229-226-1621 ext 1020

Medical Laboratory Science Student Handbook

Medical Laboratory Science Clinical Handook

+Social Work

Field placement in Thomas University’s Social Work program are a two-semester, concurrent sequence. This requires 200 hours per semester (400 hours over 2 semesters) or an average of 14 hours per week.

For Field Work Instructors

Field Instructors (Agency professionals) who work with student interns from the Division of Social Work play a key role in the final educational aspects for those who are soon-to-be working professionals. Our goal is to offer field instructors with the support they need to provide a quality learning experience for our students, including information that is readily accessible. For example, our Field Manual is available online and all student/agency/field related forms, including evaluations, can be completed online.

Accepting Student Interns at your Agency

The Division of Social Work currently collaborates with numerous agencies in South Georgia and in North Florida, from the public and private sectors, including state government, for profit and non-profit social services agencies. The first step in joining the growing list of Thomas University Field Agencies is for all parties involved to better get to know one another.

After an agency and the university agree to work with student interns, the next step is to formalize the relationship with a “Memorandum of Understanding.” MOUs better explain the roles of all parties and serve as the basis on which the collaborative and supportive relationship between an agency and the university is developed. For one example of an MOU, feel free to click here.

If you are an agency hoping to work with student interns from the Division of Social Work, please contact the field director for more information:

Susan Fowler, Field Director (229-226-1621 ext. 1025)

If you are interested in becoming an agency partner with our field program, below are a few items that you may wish to read for consideration.

  • Our current Field Manual. both our students and field agencies refer to this manual for guidance and policies regarding our field internship program.
  • A template for our current Memorandum of Understanding. This is the formal affiliation agreement between the agency and Thomas University. There are occasions when this document is edited to meet agency or University requirements regarding the placement.
  • A template for our current Placement Agreement, which is the agreement between the student intern and the agency’s field instructor.

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