TRSS and TU’s ASI Launch Gray Zone Project

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Gray Zone  Warfare

Thomson Reuters Special Services (TRSS) and Thomas University are pleased to announce a joint project on Gray Zone Warfare.

Scholars in Thomas University’s Armed Services Institute (ASI) are working with TRSS analysts and data scientists to develop new ways for the United States and its allies to respond to the kind of non-traditional warfare that often involves economic coercion, cyber-attacks, misinformation, and provocations by both state and non-state actors.  Stephen Ferguson, Vice President for Military and Corporate Relations at Thomas University stated, “Understanding and operating in the ‘Gray Zone’ is not new, but is increasingly important in our world today. The Armed Services Institute is pleased to be working with TRSS on this important topic. “

TRSS, based in McLean, Virginia specializes in insider threat, risk management, intelligence collection, and network analysis solutions.  The Armed Services institute is a non-partisan research arm of the Center for Military Life at Thomas University.  The experts in the Institute work to provide fresh insights for the defense community, decision makers, and the general public.  The outcomes of the Gray Zone project will include published articles and white papers, working retreats for invited subject matter experts, and symposia that will be open to the public. “TRSS is excited to partner with the Armed Services Institute to delve into this key area of concern for global security and many of our clients,” Jim Dinkins, President, TRSS.  

Operating under the non-profit status of Thomas University, the Armed Services Institute (ASI) is a non-partisan research and advocacy arm of the Center for Military Life.  The mission is to promote positive change in the lives of Department of Defense and related employees.

ASI’s analytical team consists of leading experts in matters related to the best policies, practices, and products that are critical to both the safety and security of our nation. Through research, analysis, and programs ASI provides both fresh insights and training for the defense community, decision makers, and general public.

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