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Field Work Information

Prospective Site Supervisors:

Thomas University is grateful to our many community-based agency partners providing important practical experiences to students helping them prepare for careers in mental health and/or rehabilitation counseling. Site supervisors meet TU’s program requirements when the following qualifications are in place:

  • A master’s degree in counseling or a related profession
  • Appropriate professional licenses and/or certifications
  • Two years of professional experience in alignment with the student’s program

In addition, site supervisors need to acquire knowledge of TU’s program expectations and have appropriate training in counselor supervision. Expectations are outlined in the Fieldwork Agreement form and Fieldwork Manual.  In addition, Site Supervisor Training has been provided covering counselor supervision strategies, key concepts and best practices. This training also provides site supervisors with the information needed to easily and efficiently conduct weekly time log and narrative review/approval in TU’s on-line tool called Typhon. Site Supervisor Letter provides additional, technical information about Typhon access, and we are always here to assist if questions arise.

Finally, the Memorandum of Understanding solidifies the important working relationship TU hopes to establish with your agency.

Fieldwork Students:

If you are preparing to take your first fieldwork course, please review the Fieldwork Letter for students and complete the on-line Fieldwork Intent Form. Completion of this form is the first step in the fieldwork planning process and should be completed no later than eight weeks prior to a semester in which you will be enrolled in Practicum, Internship I, II or III. Plan ahead for the program’s required, on-line fieldwork documentation tool, Typhon, and remember that a one-time fee of $80.00 will be required to initially set up your account.

Please review the Site Selection Presentation presentation and plan to work closely with Stacie Reilly, the Fieldwork Coordinator, who will provide support to you as you seek and secure a suitable fieldwork site.

Contact Information:

Stacie R. Reilly, M.S., CRC
TU Fieldwork Coordinator, Division of Counseling and Psychology

Once you secure and receive approval for a site, you and your site supervisor will be asked to sign a Fieldwork Agreement indicating your understanding of the fieldwork requirements and responsibilities. Please also review the Fieldwork Success training and the Internship Manual.

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