TU Social Work students attend Social Work Advocacy Day at State Capitol

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By Kaitlyn Baich, Student writer

Thomas University Social Work students attended the annual Social Work Advocacy Day held by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) on Feb. 13 at the State Capitol in Atlanta.

Accompanied by Dr. Susan Fowler, Associate Professor of Social Work, and Bill Milford, TU Social Work Division Chair, the students spoke with various members of the Georgia House of Representatives and Senate.

“We met with the lobbyists for NASW and the students heard information about bills coming up that have to do with social workers, or with their clients, or that could make a difference for our clients,” Dr. Fowler explained. “One of the ethical obligations social workers have is to advocate on behalf of our clients, the profession, and the community. It’s a big part of what our professional obligation is and what we learn.”

TU students met with social work students from other Georgia colleges and universities throughout the day and spoke with State Rep. Darlene Taylor from Thomasville.

“It’s a good way to get your feet wet with other people in your profession tha­t you may run into later,” Dr. Fowler said.

Thomas University Social Work students traveled to Atlanta on Feb. 13 to participate in Social Work Advocacy Day. Participants included (front from left) Courtney Johnson, Shanice Kelley, Alex Perez-Ocampo, Ellen Mospens; (back row) Jacob Cordoba, Kristen Harris, Fredrick Jenkins, Marley Chance and Kateria Irvin.

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