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Honor Code Survey

Thank You for Doing the Honor Code Survey!

Here are your answers!

1.     Plagiarism Scenarios

o  Citing President Obama's birthplace.

  • No, this is common knowledge and can be verified in several different sources.

o  Quoting a passage from the Bible

  • The Bible is considered common knowledge so you do not have to cite the Bible.

X  Quoting your roommate talking about the current election.

  • Yes, believe it or not, as uninformed as your roommate might be – you still should credit him or her with their idea or statement.

X  Summarizing a block of information you read in Newsweek.

  • Absolutely, this information must be cited even though you changed the wording.

X  Citing Beyonce's "to the left, to the left...." (1)

  • Are you kidding me?  You want Jay-Z calling your house at 3 AM asking if you got permission?  “To the jail, to the jail, Jay-Z’s lawyer gonna take you to the jail”  So yes, you must cite the divine Ms. Knowles .

o  You include the phrase "that dog won't hunt".

  • No, this is common folk idiom or jargon and it does not need a citation.

X  You paraphrase a piece of information you read in Rolling Stone.

  • Yes, even Rolling Stone magazine is a source that must be cited.

o  You write about growing up as a child in your hometown.

  • No, if you are the author writing about yourself, you do not need to cite yourself as the source.

X  You quote a brilliant piece of your OWN writing from a previously submitted paper.

  • If you quote something about your childhood from a previous paper that you wrote – then, yes, you must cite that paper and yourself as the author.

X  You cut n paste something from the Internet that you believe is common knowledge.

  • Doesn’t matter whether it is fact or fiction, if you cut and paste from somewhere, then you MUST cite the source – especially from the Internet.  Remember, TURNITIN knows every inch of the web and it takes all of 2 seconds of Google search to bust offenders.


For more information on plagiarism, checkout:

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2.     Thomas University’s Educational Outcomes

The Educational Goals for Thomas University

The Academic Outcomes to Be Achieved by Thomas University Graduates

Communicate Effectively

To transmit ideas clearly, concisely, and convincingly through speech and writing.

Discover Information

To have a clear understanding of an information need and involves collecting information from multiple sources for analytical and creative purposes.

Foster Community

To take intentional action geared toward creating a sense of connection with and between faculty, students, and cultures toward common values, activities, and/or goals.

Think Critically

To engage in orderly, open-minded, informed inquiry that begins with a clear understanding of a problem or circumstance and yields a purposeful judgment or analysis.

For more information, see:


3.     Thomas University’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)


Thomas University Quality Enhancement Plan


Mission:  To enhance our students’ understanding and appreciation of different cultures through education, activities, and conversation.  This is summarized as “intercultural learning,” that is, the ability to understand and interact with others with diverse cultural perspectives, and broaden our definition of who is part of “my” community. 

For More Information, go to:

Thanks again for doing the Honor Code Survey!


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