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Learning Support Programs

The goal of the academic support classes offered through Developmental and University Studies is to equip under-prepared college students with the skills they will require to succeed in college.

For more information, contact Carolyn McClenny or call 800-538-9784 ext. 220.


  • MTH 098...Basic College Mathematics  
  • MTH 099...Beginning Algebra  
  • MTH 100...Intermediate Algebra  
  • ENG 099...Writing Skills I  
  • ENG 100...Writing Skills II  
  • REA 099...College Reading Skills  
  • UNV 101...Freshman Success Seminar  
  • UNV 102...Student Success Seminar
  • UNV 103...Personal Wellness
  • UNV 201...Career Development
  • UNV 202...Ethics

Students who place into developmental courses lack some essential skills because they may have never learned these skills in high school, never planned to go to college, or have been out of school for several years. Developmental, or College Prep, courses involve the same amount of time and effort for assignments as college-level classes, yet they do not penalize students if a course needs to be repeated. (Grades are not averaged into the cumulative grade point average.)


Brooks, Ross. Adjunct Instructor (Math)
Darwin, Pam. Instructor (Math). Modular Office Building. ext. 268
Esra, Billy. Adjunct Instructor (Math)
McClenny, Carolyn. Division Chair (Developmental and University Studies) and Assistant Professor (English). Modular Office Building. ext. 220
Ouzts, Robin. Instructor (English). Modular Office Building. ext. 117
Youmans, Pat. Adjunct Instructor (English)

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