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Education Program

Education Program

An important role of the Honor Council is to educate existing and in-coming students concerning academic integrity, the Honor Code, and the University’s general Honor System. The Honor Council shall design and carry out programs throughout the academic year to instruct and motivate the student body in matters of academic integrity. The Honor Council shall also carry out instructional programs for in-coming students during the orientation period and in various courses required of all new students.

The Vice Presidents of the Honor Council, with the assistance of the Faculty Advisor, shall carry out programs to advise the Faculty, Administration and Staff of the University in matters relating to academic integrity and the Honor System.

The Vice-President of the Honor Council shall head the Education Program with the assistance of the Faculty Advisor and all other Council members.

The Council shall meet annually with the Faculty Senate to discuss the status of academic integrity on the University campus and future needs relating to the issue.

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