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Blackboard Resources and Tutorials

Frequently asked questions about Blackboard

What is Blackboard?

  • is a course management system or learning platform, that creates a space for each Thomas University class in an online environment. It serves as an aide to your studies where you can view and receive your course announcements and assignments, submit course work, join course discussions, view your grades and communicate with your professor(s).

How do I get a Blackboard Account?

    Every registered TU student automatically has a Blackboard account.

If this is my first time using Blackboard, what do I do to get started?

  • Go to the university’s main website: and click on Blackboard under Quick Links.
  • On the login screen, log in with your user name and password. Your Blackboard user name is the same as for your TU email account: your first and last name (all lower case) separated by a period (for example joe.student) and the password you created for your email account
  • You can also view a quick Blackboard Orientation located below.

Ok, so I just logged on to my Blackboard account and it shows that I am not enrolled in any courses…what do I do?

  • Well, that depends on a few factors; course enrollment will not be downloaded until the start of the semester or your professor has yet to make his/her course “available.”. No need to panic, they will be there on the first day of class.

Will all of my courses be managed or supported through a Blackboard course site?

  • All on-line and hybrid courses will be managed through a Blackboard course site and all classes held on campus will be supported with a Blackboard course site as well. Each course syllabus, as well as your professor’s instructions, will guide you in how the Blackboard site will be used for each course specifically.

Who do I contact if I have any issues with Blackboard?

  • If you are having difficulty with Blackboard, Hawklink, or email access or functions should contact the TU Technical Support Help Desk at 229-227-6958 or by email to during the following hours:
    • Monday through Thursday 8 am to 9 pm
    • Friday 8 am to 5 pm
    • Sunday 5pm to 9 pm
    Calls and emails will be returned within 75 minutes during Help Desk open hours. During "off-peak" hours, calls/emails will be queued.

What browser should I use?

  • Blackboard is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. For more information about Blackboard, to see a list of supported browsers, or to view the complete release notes, please log-in to Behind the Blackboard.


Blackboard Orientation (pdf)

Blackboard Test Tips

Things to Remember While Taking a Blackboard Test

  • Do not click anywhere outside the test.
  • Do not click the back button or the refresh button on your browser tool bar.
  • Do not double click on any links or buttons.
  • When using a mouse with a scroll wheel, be careful with scrolling. Always click a blank area on the test before using the scroll wheel. This will insure you do not inadvertently change an answer on the test.
  • Click the Save button every 10 minutes to record your answers to the grade book and ensure you remain connected to the Internet.
  • Check over your answer before confirming submission. If your test allows, check your answers before submitting your test -- to make sure you did not change an answer accidentally.

If you receive an error message, write it down word for word! Also note the time and date the error occurred, along with the Web browser you were using, what you were doing when the error occurred, and any other relevant details you can think of. Contact your instructor and provide this information.

If the instructor has selected the option to display one question at a time and prohibit backtracking, there will be two confirmation windows between the click and the actual submit/save for the question. If these windows are not displayed, it is possible the browser is blocking pop-ups.

Using Blackboard

  • On the login screen, log in with your user name and password.
  • Your Blackboard user name is the same as your TU e-mail user name: your first and last name (all lower case) separated by a period (for example joe.student).
  • Your password is the same as for your TU e-mail account.

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