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Demonstrably Arbitrary and Unfair Evaluation of Student Work

Students have a right to expect fair and consistent issuance of course grades. The grading policy employed in each class, including the comparative weight of each component used to determine the final grade, is outlined in each course syllabus. It is the student’s responsibility to read and comply with the grading policy outlined in that syllabus. 

In general, any student who has any form of grievance with a faculty member or administrator follows this process:

  1. Take the grievance to the person involved. Accordingly, students who have questions about grades on projects, tests or final grades for the semester are encouraged to meet with their instructor and review the grades.
  2. In the case of a final grade only, if the stu­dent still does not understand the basis for the grade or believes that the composition of the semester grade conflicts with the grading policy stated in the syllabus, the student may request an additional meeting with the instruc­tor and the applicable Division Chair (If the applicable Division Chair is the instructor in question, the concern should be directed to the Associate Dean). This meeting must be requested within two weeks of receipt of the final grade, and must take place within 30 days of the beginning of the next semester.
  3. At this meeting, the student will be asked to provide evidence to substantiate the claim that the grade was either arbitrary or unfair. The role of the applicable Division Chairperson is to facilitate communication and clarify understandings.
  4. If the dispute is regarding the accuracy of a grade assignment, and in the opinion of the Di­vision Chair, evidence substantiates the claim that the grade is either arbitrary or unfair, the Division Chair will determine a resolution.
  5. A further appeal based on merit may be made to the Associate Dean for final determina­tion.



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