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The Library has two computer labs, Room 9 and Room 8.5 for your use. These public-access computers are primarily intended for educational research by TU students, faculty, staff, and other students. Both labs are open whenever the library is open. The Library is also equipment with WiFi for your laptops and other equipment.  

General Guidelines

TU students, faculty and staff, and other community patrons may use Library workstations when they are not occupied. Community patrons must stop by the Circulation Desk for a guest login.

Library computers are not installed with filtering devices or software to limit Internet access,although the campus network may utilize such security and other filtering or restrictive devices/software. 

It is the Library’s policy that parents or legal guardians must assume responsibility for deciding what library resources are appropriate for their children.  Therefore, parents or guardians, NOT library staff, are responsible for the information selected and/or accessed by their children on the Internet.  Parental supervision of children searching the Internet is advised. 

Parents/legal guardian must directly supervise any child under the age of sixteen (16) using library computers.  No child under the age of seven (7) may use or occupy computer workstations.

Computer Guidelines

  1. Login to the computer using your Hawklink/Blackboard user name (lastname.firstname) and password. (A guest login is used for community users).
  2. Save all personal research and word processing to an external data storage device. Do not save on the computer’s hard drive.
  3. Only use closed drink containers near the computer terminals/tables.  Please keep our computer keyboards clean.
  4. Illegal copy or transfer of copyrighted materials such as movies, music, or software is prohibited.
  5. Adhere to any Thomas University network and/or computer use guidelines in force.
  6. It is the responsibly of each patron to log off their computer; Thomas University is not responsible for any infractions occurring should the patron not secure their information.


A printer is available in each of the computer labs.  Each student is allowed a 350 page allowance to use during the semester. The student is responsible for paying for all copies in excess of the quota at 10 cents per page.  For excess copies, ask Circulation Desk staff.

Community members must pay for all copies that they print at 10 cents per page.

Please pay for all copies at the Circulation Desk. 



A faculty copier is located in the library for the convenience of faculty and adjuncts. A code must be entered prior to printing.  Full time faculty will be assigned a personal login code.  Adjuncts will use a department assigned code.  IT is responsible for setting up faculty user codes in the machine.

A student copier is located behind the circulation desk for students and community users. A library staff member or student worker will assist in making copies for those users. The copier is fee based at ten cents per page. Payment for copies must be made at time of service.


The library does not have the capability to fax. You may request fax service from the Business Office during their operating hours.

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