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Graduate Assistantship


Application Eligibility
  • Applicants must be accepted and in good standing as a student in the graduate program supporting the assistantship.

Work Hours in Exchange for Tuition
  • 4 credits of graduate tuition remission for 12 hours of work per week for 15 weeks ( 180 hours per Fall/Spring semester). The Student will owe the balance of tuition and fees after the tuition remission for 4 credits is applied.

Application Process
  • Applicants must complete the Graduate Assistantship Application by each semester deadline – November 15 (for spring) and July 20 (for fall).
  • Applicants submit application to Financial Aid who will forward all applications to the graduate program division chair for his/her selection for each semester. The selected student is subject to a criminal background check.
  • Graduate Assistants must reapply each semester.
  • In order to receive an assistantship, students must make satisfactory academic progress in their program. 
Graduate Assistantship Duties
  • Assistantship positions are designed to provide the student with a meaningful work experience in the field of study while enabling and/or supporting a division project or initiative. Duties and responsibilities are described in assistantship position descriptions posted each semester.
Graduate Assistant Supervision
  • The division chair or a designated faculty member is responsible for supervising the graduate assistant.
  • Supervision is aided by required submission of a task list and work hours log given to the supervisor by the end of each month of the semester.
  • The supervisor will complete a mid-term evaluation to ensure that the graduate assistant is meeting the assignment objectives, as well as an end-of-semester evaluation providing summative documentation of the work accomplished, its quality, and timeliness.
Division Guidelines

Graduate Assistantship Application

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