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If you have lost eligibility for financial aid, you have the opportunity to complete and submit an appeal documenting circumstances outside of your control. A financial aid appeal is used to regain conditional financial aid eligibility for a future term. You may not appeal financial aid eligibility for a previous term that has ended or, for unearned financial aid that was billed back to you through your student account because of withdrawal.

Select the appropriate appeal below and completed, sign and submit your appeal to the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships. Loss of financial aid eligibility appeals typically takes two weeks to review. If you have previously submitted an appeal, your subsequent appeal may take longer.

Responses to your appeal (approved, denied, more information needed) are posted to your confidential messages center in your TU Student account at


2018/2019 Satisfactory Academic Progress Petition (pdf)

This petition is for students whose eligibility for financial aid is in Suspended status due to any of these reasons: (1) having passing grades for less than 67% of attempted credits (low completion rate); (2) having a cumulative TU GPA that is below 2.00 for undergraduate or post-baccalaureate students or 3.00 for graduate students; (3) totally withdrawing twice within the Add/Drop period during the academic year; or (4) failing to meet the requirements imposed when a previous petition was approved.


2018/2019 Maximum Enrollment Limit Petition (pdf)

There is a maximum enrollment limit for students receiving federal student aid, based on a degree or program of study (see the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for details). You can use this form to request an extension of aid if you have reached the enrollment limit for your degree or program of study.


Dependency Override Petition (pdf)

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) states the criteria used to determine if a student's parent(s) must provide information on the aid application. If the FAFSA instructs you to provide parental information, but you have special family circumstances which prevent your parent(s) from completing the form, you may use this petition.


2018/2019 Graduate Academic Progress Petition (pdf)

Graduate students must take courses that apply to their degree or certificate. At least 67% of all credits enrolled each academic year must be in graduate level courses. This petition is for students who have not met the requirement of enrolling in graduate level credits for at least 67% of their total enrollment for the academic year.

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