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Available Scholarships for Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling students

RSA Grant

Thomas University's Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) Grant enables scholarships for graduate students with a strong desire to serve disabled populations as a Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counselor and have an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher. For more information regarding the RSA Scholarship, please contact Theresa Neubauer at or Pauline Patrick at

Rho Chi Sigma Honor Society Grant

This grant is for an incoming Clinical Rehabilitation & Mental Health Counseling student each Spring Semester. A student is nominated by a faculty member, and an officer of Rho Chi Sigma in the Fall Semester, and the chosen student is awarded the grant at the yearly induction ceremony.  Students who show school spirit, a willingness to serve others, and a dedication for advocacy are the key elements sought when nominated.  Funds vary from year to year but range from $200-$500 per year.

Graduate Assistantship

Application Eligibility
  • Applicants must be accepted and in good standing as a student in the graduate program supporting the assistantship.
Work Hours in Exchange for Tuition
  • 15 hours for 15 weeks (one semester) -- 225 total hours for 9 credits’ tuition remission
  • 8 hours for 15 weeks (one semester) – 120 total hours for 5 credits’ tuition remission
Application Process
  • Applicants must complete the Graduate Assistantship Application by each semester deadline – November 15 (for spring) and July 15 (for fall).
  • Applicants submit application to Financial Aid who will forward all applications to the graduate program division chair for his/her selection for each semester. The selected student is subject to a criminal background check.
  • Graduate assistants may receive the assistantship a maximum of two semesters.
Graduate Assistantship Duties
  • Assistantship positions are designed to provide the student with a meaningful work experience in the field of study while enabling and/or supporting a division project or initiative. Duties and responsibilities are described in assistantship position descriptions posted each semester.
Graduate Assistant Supervision
  • The division chair or a designated faculty member designated is responsible for supervising the graduate assistant.
  • Supervision is aided by required submission of a task list and work hours log given to the supervisor by the end of each month of the semester.
  • The supervisor will complete a mid-term evaluation to ensure that the graduate assistant is meeting the assignment objectives, as well as an end-of-semester evaluation providing summative documentation of the work accomplished, its quality, and timeliness.
Division Guidelines



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