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Thank you for being part of the TCC/TU team in helping students to pursue a Bachelor of Social Work Degree! The program with Thomas University is much like any 2+2 undergraduate program except for a few things:

  1. Classes will be taught online and on-campus at Tallahassee Community College.
  2. Students must have an AA degree from TCC to begin the program.
  3. If students have additional credits on top of their AA degree, some of those credits may be applied toward elective classes toward their BSW.
  4. If students only have their AA degree and 60 credits, they may be required to take an additional class while being a TU@TCC student, to increase their credits to 63 from TCC.
  5. Additional credits are NOT required to begin the BSW program, the only requirement is completion of the AA degree.

Please explain the additional 3 credits more fully? Students are required to come into the social work program with an AA degree from Tallahassee Community College.  Due to accreditation requirements, by the time students graduate with their BSW degree from Thomas University, they need to have 63 credits (1 additional class) from TCC which will transfer to their Thomas University degree as three credits of electives.  If the student comes in with more than 60 credits, than this requirement is waived. 

How will a student pay for the additional three credits of TCC work? Thomas University will credit back the students who are accepted into the BSW Program, the funds needed by the students to obtain the three extra credits at TCC.  After a student begins the BSW program, the additional class will be scheduled into their progression – and when it is taken, Thomas University will pay for the class for the student.

What is the best process for advising a student regarding the BSW program?

  1. Review the Thomas University Social Work Website and discuss with the student as to whether the social work is a good “fit” for their skills and career interests. Especially review the following: 

      a.   The “Great Questions to Ask About Social Work”  All of the information that applies to students on the Thomas University Campus, also applies to students at our TCC off-site.  Make sure this is a good “fit” for the student's academic skills and interests.

      b.   Read about “Facts and Information About Social Work”  to get a sense of services social workers provide.  Make sure this is a good “fit” for the student's work skills and interests..

      c.   Read About “What Can I Do With A Social Work Degree” and review with the student all of the kinds of jobs that social workers are involved in.  Make sure you feel like this is a good “fit” for the student's employment interests.

2.   Review the student’s TCC transcript to make sure they are on track for their AA.  Review the student’s current and anticipated GPA upon completion of their AA.  Students are required to have a 2.5 GPA to apply to the program or else they need the special permission of the Division Chair, Bill Milford. 

3.   If students are completing their AA and have the ability to take an extra class which can be credited toward their social work electives, the following classes are preferred but not required.  

  • CHD 2220 Child Development
  • CHD 2240 Adolescent Development
  • CLP 2140 Abnormal Psychology
  • SOP 2002 Social Psychology
  • SOP 2740 Psychology of Women
  • SYG 2010 Contemporary Social Problems
  • SYG 2230 Race and Ethnic Relations
  • SYG 2340 Human Sexuality
  • SYG 2361 Thanatology: Dying and Death
  • SYG 2430 Marriage and Family

4.  Explain the class reimbursement policy – note to the student that the extra class at TCC will be paid for by Thomas University when they need to take it so their only costs will be any books associated with the class. 

5.  Make sure the student is aware that during their senior year, a field internship at a local school, hospital, or social service agency is required.  This is a requirement of ALL CSWE accredited social work programs throughout the country.  Thomas University’s program is the only one in the area that spreads the placement out over two semesters for 14-16 hours per week.  Other programs (FSU, FAMU) require “block placements” that require students to do their internship, full time, during one semester.  Thomas University’s program is designed to facilitate non-traditional, working students, or students with families who cannot make the time commitment of a full time internship during one semester.

6. Have the student call us so that we may assist them in sending a formal application to the program, but if it would be more convenient, you are more than welcome to call on their behalf.  Contact Bill Milford, Division Chair at 1-800-538-9784 x 1123 or .

Thank you for being part of our TU @ TCC Team!

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