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Geospatial Analysis Planning & Preservation

On campus and in our community!


Established in 2008, the Thomas University GAPP Center has cutting edge GIS (Geographic Information Systems) & GPS (Global Positioning System) technology.

  • To provide students opportunities to learn and use geospatial technology for planning and preservation of natural and cultural resources and for sustainable problem-solving of local and regional conservation, development and local/state/federal compliance.
  • To partner with local, regional, and select international entities who need expertise in geospatial information-gathering, mapping, planning, protection and sustainable problem-solving.


 GAPP Center

tu gapp center

Available to students and faculty through classes, internships, research, and work experience from grant and contract opportunities.

•Geospatial Studies • Research • Internships • Contracts & Grants  

Applied Coursework

Opportunities for students, both in and out of classes, to participate in hands on work as part of field studies, class projects and internships.


 Geospatial Studies

Geospatial StudiesStudents learn and participate in the application of geospatial information-gathering, mapping, planning and problem-solving, to develop expertise in preparation for careers in:

•Geographic information systems •Biology •Anthropology •Archaeology •Conservation •Natural and cultural resource management




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