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How to Administer Your Account

  • Admin 1

    From the Administration view you can change your name, address, phone number, update your Directory Entry, add your photo and your educational background, post your CV, and add a link to your website.

    To start, click the ADMIN tab at the bottom of any TU Webpage.


  • Admin 2

    Log-in as usual.

  • Admin 3

    You can click "My Account" in the upper right to change your password. If you need help with this, see the Change My Website Password tutorial.

  • Admin 4

    Move your mouse cursor to hover over "Modules" then "Online Directories."

  • Admin 5

    Continue moving your cursor to "Faculty & Staff Directory" and click.

  • Admin 6

    You'll be taken to your Directory Entry. Click your name.

  • Admin 7

    From here you can edit your name, address, and cell phone number at the top of the page....

  • Admin 8

    At the bottom of the page you can edit your Department, add your Bio or CV information, update your email address and phone number, and upload your photo.

  • Admin 9

    Scroll to the top when you've completed all your changes and click "Apply."

  • Admin 10

    You'll return to your directory entry.

    Click the gold seal to edit your educational background information.

  • Admin 11

    Enter your education information. Use the "Add New" section to add institutions and the drop-down menu to select degree types.

    Be sure to click "Apply" when you're done.

  • Admin 12


    Go ahead and click the "Logout" button now: you're done!

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