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Camp Schedule

Day One - June 9:  Birds -  First in Flight

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Campers will go to an outdoor site in Florida. Sandy Beck of St. Francis Wildlife Association will bring live various birds, a mammal, and a reptile for observation.  Campers will observe the physical nature of birds and how their adaptations make flight possible.  

Sandy Beck_Camp STEMTasticActivities will include:  comparing and contrasting the characteristics of each animal presented, dissecting owl pellets, observing features of feathers, daily journal entries, and researching science fair projects.

Sandy Beck, Wildlife Rehabilitation Expert, describes characteristics of owls to eager learners. We look forward to observing many animals that fly and soar at Camp STEMtastic!

Day Two - June 10:  Archery -  Early Flight of Objects

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The archery instructor will provide opportunities for students to learn and develop archery skills.  The day will end with an archery tournament.

Activities will include:  use of bows and arrows for 15 students at a time, research and experimentation with the early flight of objects, archery tournament, and daily journal entries, and researching science fair projects

Day Three - June 11:  Airplanes -  How is Human Flight Possible?

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Campers will take a trip to an airport, tour a plane and cockpit, and discuss flight with a pilot. 

Activities will include:  tour of the airport, construction of a balsa wood airplane to fly in competition, daily journal entries, and researching science fair projects.

Day Four - June 12:  Outer Space -  The Ultimate in Human Flight

Challenger Learning Center

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Campers will visit the Challenger Learning Center in Tallahassee.  While there, they will view a Planetarium show, engage in rocket construction, participate in a scavenger hunt, and view an I-Max presentation - Lunch will be provided.

Science Fair Idea:  "Rockets - What makes them work?"

Day Five - June 13:  Tree-to-Tree -  A Bird's Eye View

Tree to Tree AdventuresView schedule details

Campers will visit and tour the Tallahassee Museum.  While there, they will experience a view from the “top”. Campers will complete a tree top rope course, where they will experience a different perspective, as they view the ground below.  Upon returning to campus, participants will finalize journal entries and science fair project ideas, review the week’s experiences, and write thank you notes to the camp’s sponsors.

Tree-to-Tree FAQ & Rules


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