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Magnolia Campus

Thomas University Magnolia Campus

(West Campus)

Built in 1958, the Magnolia campus was originally a Kindergarten through grade 12 school for Thomas County African American children during the era of segregation in South Georgia. From 1958 – 1970, the high school was under the leadership of Johnnie Jones a well respected principal in the Thomasville community. In 1969, the Gladys Chappelle building (currently the Student Life Building) was constructed around the same time that Thomas County integrated its school system.  The Magnolia/Chappelle School went through several iterations, two of which included the first integrated middle school in Thomas County and then as the Hand-in-Hand primary school. In 1986, additional space was added to the Chappelle building.  The middle school and Hand and Hand were eventually moved to new locations in Thomasville. The Magnolia campus remained vacated from 2002 until 2010 when it was purchased by Thomas University.   


The Thomas University Magnolia Campus (formally known as West Campus) is an extension of the academic programs of the Forbes Campus (formally known as Main Campus) on Millpond Road in Thomasville. The Magnolia Campus is located one mile west of the Forbes Campus. The Magnolia Campus has two residence halls, which house 80 students and the Thomas University Gymnasium, home court for the men’s and women’s Night Hawk basketball teams. The Department of Student Life and the Offices for the Athletic Director and TU coaching staff are located in the Student Life Building (SLB) adjacent to the gymnasium.  Also located in the SLB are classrooms an art gallery, a media room, a music room, a training room and a fitness center.








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