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Sundays at Four

Sundays at Four offers monthly concerts that feature local, regional and nationally-known artists who perform a wide-range of musical styles.

Concerts are held at the Thomasville Center for the Arts (TCA), Trinity Anglican Church (Trinity), Thomasville Music and Drama Troupe (TMDT).  Thomasville Singers will meet at the Flowers Executive Classroom in Smith-Bonvillian Hall on the Forbes Campus at Thomas University.  If more information please email,

2016-2017 Performance Calendar

  • Sept. 18 – Georgia Soul – TCA
  • Oct. 16 – Chamber Music – Trinity
  • Nov. 13 - Country Classic – TMDT
  • Dec. 4 – Thomasville Singers – TCA
  • Jan. 22 – January Jazz Fest - TCA
  • Feb. 12 – Musical Valentines- Trinity
  • March 5 – Youth Performing Arts Scholarship Concert - TCA
  • April 9 - Thomasville Singers - Flowers Executive Classroom, Smith-Bonvillian Hall

FEC = Flowers Executive Classroom Auditorium, Thomas University
TCA = Thomasville Center for the Arts
TMDT = Thomasville Music and Drama Troupe
Trinity = Trinity Anglican Church
St. Thomas = St. Thomas Episcopal Church

Thomasville Center for the Arts              Trinity Anglican Church

600 E. Washington St.                                                     325 W. Jackson St.
Thomasville, GA                                                               Thomasville, GA

TCA       tac

Thomasville Music and Drama Troupe

427 Covington Ave.
Thomasville, GA

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