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The Critical Writing Reading Thinking Exam, or "CWRTE" is required for all TU undergraduate students.  The exam is designed to identify students who would benefit from a course, REA 111, designed to help students meet the reading, writing, and thinking expectations of upper division college classes.

The CWRTE should be taken as soon as possible after completing ENG102. Students will not be permitted to register for more than 30 upper division credit hours until they have successfully completed the CWRTE.

Transfer students who took ENG102 at their prior institution should take the CWRTE before their first semester at TU.  A grace period of the first two weeks at TU can be offered if necessary.  Students who do not comply with this enrollment requirement will be enrolled in the online, one-credit hour course, REA111.  Please note, students do not have to pass the CWRTE before their first semester, but they must attempt the CWRTE.

The CWRTE must be taken in a proctored setting on campus or at a remote testing center.  Students are responsible for any fee associated with the proctoring of an exam. Average fees range from $20 - $50 per exam.

If you would like assistance in preparing for this exam, you may set up an online or face-to-face appointment in the Academic Resource Center (ARC). To schedule this appointment, simply contact the ARC at

For more information on the CWRTE exam, read the FAQs to your left.

 CWRTE Registration

I want to take the CWRTE on the TU campus.

I want to take the CWRTE at a proctored test center close to my home.

Important Notice:  If you plan to take the CWRTE at a remote testing center while the university is not in session (July 25 - August 14, 2014), you must complete all arrangements while the university is still in session (by the end of the day July 24, 2014).  These arrangements include

  • Scheduling an appointment with the remote test center AND
  • Registering for the exam suing the “I want to take the CWRITE at a proctored test center close to my home” link above

On Campus Test Dates and Times:

Tuesday           May 27           7:30 pm

Thursday          May29            5:00 pm

Tuesday           June 3           7:30 pm

Thursday          June 5           5:00 pm

Tuesday           June 10          7:30 pm

Thursday          June 12          5:00 pm

Thursday          June 19          5:00 pm

Tuesday           June 24          7:30 pm

Thursday          June 26          5:00 pm

Tuesday           July 1              7:30 pm

Tuesday           July 8              7:30 pm

Thursday          July 10            5:00 pm

Tuesday            July 15            7:30 pm

Thursday           July 17            5:00 pm

Tuesday            July 22            7:30 pm

Thursday           July 24            7:30 pm

Thursday          August 14        6:00 pm

Friday                August 15      10:00 am

Monday             August 18        8:00 am

Tuesday           August 19        2:00 pm

Wednesday     August 20        8:00 am

 The CWRTE is administered in Room 2

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