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MBA concentrations

Students may choose to pursue a concentration in their MBA program.  Concentrations are offered in Accounting and Human Resources and are comprised of three courses.  Concentrations are incorporated in to the elective portion of the MBA program and do not require coursework beyond the 36 semester hours.  All students must complete the MBA Core.

Accounting Concentration

The MBA with a concentration in Accounting is designed to offer Thomas University accounting graduates with the extra hours and education required to become a licensed CPA in most states of the USA. Studies have shown that students that enroll in a master’s program to satisfy the extra 30-hour requirement pass the exam at higher rates than those who merely study the missing material. The Thomas University MBA program with a concentration in Accounting is designed to offer a well-rounded postgraduate education to equip students with not only the knowledge required to pass the exam, but also other critical thinking and reasoning skills that have been shown to foster professional success.

Students seeking an Accounting concentration should have graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from a regionally accredited institution.

MBA 611 Tax II                                                              
MBA 612 Advanced Audit                
MBA 646 Financial Accounting for Government & Non-Profit Institutions

Human Resources Management Concentration

The MBA with a concentration in Human Resources Management is designed to offer Thomas University HRM graduates with the tools to become a highly qualified and knowledgeable Human Resource professional with great career growth potential. Strong written and oral communication skills and a desire to help people are essential to a successful Human Resources career. Education, however, is the first step in securing a future in the profession, and candidates with certification or a Master’s degree – particularly those with a concentration in human resources management – will possess the credentials that are most sought by employers in this increasingly complex field.

Over the last decade, the labor market continues to recognize the need for Human Resource specialists in order to obtain effective management and facilitate company growth. As a result, employment of Human Resource professionals is expected to increase by 13% from 2012 to 2022, a statistic which evidences the opportunities that will be available for students who are educated and experienced in this field.

Quality Human Resource training provides a wider variety of career paths that can lead to upper level management positions with high earning potential. Graduates with the requisite education and training can expect to climb to the level of Vice President or Director within both the private and public sectors, and the career opportunities are not exclusive to the business industry as Human Resource positions are also increasing in governmental and non-profit organizations. Human Resource Management is defined as the process of hiring and developing employees so that they become more valuable to the organization. Employee focus is the main component of this division in a company. Recruitment, orientation, training, benefits, retention, and policies are within the scope of responsibilities assumed by the human resources professional. As the scope of responsibilities continues to expand related to ensuring employee satisfaction and retention, Human Resource professionals are becoming more recognized as absolutely vital to the prosperity of a company or organization. Specifically, the development of benefit packages, compensation packages, policies and procedures, training programs, and employee handbooks are a few of the specific responsibilities incumbent upon a Human Resource professional. Students pursuing this degree will complete the MBA Core, along with three Human Resources Courses, and two MBA electives.

MBA 632 Human Resources Management
MBA 669 Training and Development
MBA 673 Current Topics in Human Resources

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