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Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies

For High School Students:

The AA LiSt program (Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies for high school students), is reserved for students who may choose to begin earning college credit as sophomores.

This rigorous program allows students who meet the requirement for the program to earn an associate’s degree through Thomas University while meeting high school graduation requirements. Admission requirements to the program include:

  • Two letters of recommendation from teachers who can attest to the student’s academic performance and level of maturity needed to be successful in the program.
  • High school grade average of 85 in all ninth grade classes
  • A brief written statement in which the student explains his or her educational and career goals.
  • At least a 45 on each section of the PSAT OR an equivalent SAT score OR passing scores on TU’s placement test (COMPASS)
  • Completion of the TU application process
  • Students are admitted provisionally during the first year and then fully accepted  after official SAT scores are on file.


If you are interested in learning more about this program, these are some of the next steps:

1.              Students must discuss their interest in the program with their high school counselor. He or she can tell you about the program’s past participants and discuss the benefits and challenges students have faced.


2.              Once the student is approved by the high school, he or she should complete the TU application online: Please check AA LiSt as the program of interest. The application fee will be waived by Admissions, so there is no need to enter any payment.


3.              For other questions regarding the AA LiSt, please feel free to contact Mrs. Jennifer Lindquist, Accel and AA LiSt advisor, by phone (229)226-1621 ext. 163 or by e-mail




The Interdisciplinary Studies program is a flexible course of study that explores the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. It teaches ways of thinking, exploring, understanding, and seeing the world from different perspectives. The Interdisciplinary Studies program allows students to pursue a range of intellectual interests and provides a foundation for careers in law, journalism, government, and various fields of public service, or for cultural employment in organizations such as historical societies or museums.

For more information, e-mail TU Admissions or call 229-227-6925.

Career Opportunities in the Liberal Arts

Program of Study

The program of study lists required courses and electives. It also allows students and advisors to track progress toward the BA or BS degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.

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