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Bachelor of Science in Biology with a Pre-Physician Assistant Concentration


Thomas University and Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM) have developed a collaborative program of instruction leading to a degree of Bachelor of Science in Biology from Thomas University and a Master of Science-Physician Assistant degree from PCOM.


The undergraduate portion consists of 127 semester hours and will include all the liberal education and major requirements of a B.S. in Biology.

  • Students will complete courses of study in the major biologic, chemical, and mathematical areas and will complete four semester rotations of shadowing experience within the local area with certified PA’s. Note: Students must have a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.0 prior to shadowing/final admittance to program.
  • Consideration for shadowing experiences (BIO 140, 240, 340, 440) requires:
    • Completed Program admissions requirements may include: student demographic profile, a complete physical exam, criminal back- ground check, drug screen documentation, immunization records with Hep B and PPD. Specific information regarding this documentation will be determined during the advisement process and will depend on the requirements of job shadowing placement.
    • Successful graduates of this program that meet the affiliation agreement requirements will be given the opportunity to interview for 1 of 5 reserved seats in the Master of Science Physician Assistant program at the PCOM main campus in Philadelphia or Atlanta. If admitted, the student will commence instruction in the basic medical sciences and basic clinical sciences. Note: successful completion at TU does not guarantee an automatic seat with PCOM.
  • After one year of study at PCOM, the student will return to the southern Georgia area, or other affiliated assignment, and complete a series of rotating preceptorships in behavioral medicine, family medicine, general surgery, gynecology, obstetrics, pediatrics and psychiatry to complete the Master of Science Physician Assistant degree from PCOM. Students may also apply to other Physician Assistant Master level programs but should check admission requirements to determine specific course of study.


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