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CRJ 390 Criminal Justice Specialization

The expected student learning outcomes/skills for CRJ 390:

The student will have:

  1. Developed skills and insights into the particular area of expertise seeking credit.
  2. Demonstrated leadership within his/her field by performing assigned duties of a specialized nature beneficial to his/her agency.
  3. Exhibited a dedication to the perfection of his/her specialization by obtaining advanced certifications, attending workshops and seminars.
  4. Exhibited his/her ability to effectively communicate through the completion of a portfolio outlining his/her experience and expertise.

Requirements for CRJ 390 Experiential Learning Credit:

Student may obtain up to 6 major elective course credits for specialized skills or careers within the field of criminal justice by providing documentation of training, experience and proficiency within a specialization or field of criminal justice.

  1. Meet the eligibility requirements specified above.
  2. Submit completed request form and email it to the VP of Curriculum & Advising before the portfolio is submitted for review.

         NOTE: A student must have 21 upper-division credits at Thomas University prior to submitting a request..

     3.  Complete the CRJ 390 portfolio (Click here to view), including:

  • table of contents
  • resume
  • autobiography
  • copy of TU transcript and program of study sheet (from your advisor)
  • significant learning outline
  • documentation of your experience and competencies
  • two employer references who can verify that portfolio work is the student’s

      4.   Submit the completed portfolio to the Division Chair of Criminal Justice.

      5.   An assessment committee made up of faculty/administrators in the Division of Criminal Justice will determine whether the portfolio merits course credit using an assessment rubric.

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