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SPE 105 Experimental Oral Communication for Professionals

The expected student learning outcomes/skills for SPE 105

Students will develop skills enabling them to...

  1. Recognize the importance of responsible, capable speaking in all areas of life
  2. Listen critically for main ideas, sound reasoning, and fallacies
  3. Analyze audience demographics as it pertains to speaking
  4. Gather information on a topic from a variety of sources
  5. Support and organize ideas logically
  6. Use visual aids skillfully
  7. Use language for maximum impact
  8. Develop theses for informative, persuasive, and entertaining speeches
  9. Apply the speech development process to oral presentations

Requirements for SPE 105 Experiential Learning Credit:

  1. Meet the eligibility requirements specified for receiving Experiential Learning Credit.
  1. Submit completed request form to the VP of Curriculum & Advising before the portfolio is submitted for review.
  1. Complete theSPE 105 portfolio (click here to view), including:
  • table of contents
  • resume
  • autobiography
  • copy of TU transcript and program of study sheet (from your advisor)
  • significant learning outline
  • documentation of your experience and competencies
  • two employer references who can verify that portfolio work is the student’s
  • A video or You Tube link of a live speech given in a setting with a selected audience or a public speaking event. A documentation video or link must be provided.
  1. Submit the completed portfolio to the Division Chair of Humanities and Interdisciplinary Studies.
  1. An assessment committee made up of faculty/administrators in the Division of Humanities and Interdisciplinary Studies will determine whether the portfolio merits course credit.


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