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SPE 105 Experimental Oral Communication for Professionals

SPE 105 Oral Communication for Professionals

Course Description:  An introduction to speech, designed to develop responsible, capable spoken communication, by building skills in researching and thinking critically about topics, organizing thoughts and ideas, and making professional presentations.

Course Student Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course,

a successful student will be able to…

Acquire an understanding of and demonstrate familiarity with the concepts and vocabulary of oral communication.

Appraise and assess the strengths and weaknesses of his or her own communication skills to improve public speaking ability.

Develop and defend personal positions in response to questions posed about her or his own presentation and other speeches observed.

Evaluate speeches for content and presentation.

Examine audience demographics (know your audience).

Prepare effective speeches by developing clear central ideas, gathering information from a variety of sources, and organizing ideas logically, using accurate, credible support.

Use well-chosen language for maximum impact.

Deliver each speech with confidence.

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