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Honor Council

The Academic Honor System of the university is based on the premise that each student has the sole responsibility...

  • to uphold high standards of academic honesty and intellectual ownership;
  • to refuse to tolerate academic dishonesty in the university community;
  • to foster a high sense of honor and social responsibility on the part of all students.

Honor Code Pledge

"As a member of the Thomas University student body, I will not lie, cheat, or steal in any endeavor related to my academic pursuits, nor will I tolerate that behavior in others."

Each member of the university community is responsible for abiding by the Academic Honor Code at all times.

About The Honor Council

What is the Honor Council?
The Honor Council is the official body for educating students about and enforcing the Academic Honor Code.
Who is the Honor Council?
The Honor Council consists of fifteen undergraduate and graduate students who review and decide all cases brought before them.
Who may serve?
Any student with a minimum 2.5 GPA and at least one semester's enrollment at Thomas University.
What does the Honor Council do?
The Council meets weekly and on as "as needed" basis to educate the student body about the Honor Code and to conduct hearings .
How does the Honor Council do its work?
The Council decides and implements strategies to help the student body understand and fully adhere to the Honor Code. If a student is accused of violating the Honor Code, a hearing is held where evidence is presented and the student has an opportunity to provide a defense. Once all the concerned parties have been heard, the Honor Council decides the verdict. If the student is found guilty, the Council also determines the penalty, which can range from the student being assigned an “F” in the course, having an “Honor Code Violation” made in the student’s permanent record (transcript), and even expulsion from the University.
This is serious stuff. Students do this?
Yes! The Honor Council has one faculty advisor to provide them with the necessary training and to assist them with the decision making process when necessary. The Council officers have specific roles. The President acts as a student advocate and Council liaison. The Vice President initiates the educational activities. The Vice President for Administration documents all meetings and hearings, and oversees the operational budget (in conjunction with the Advisor).

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