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Penalties that may be assessed by the Honor Council are as follows:

  1. Immediate expulsion with “Honor Code Expulsion” noted permanently on the student’s academic record.
  2. Suspension for one semester with “Honor Violation” noted on the student’s academic record for a stated time, pending certain conditions, and “F” in the course in which the violation occurred.
  3. "F” in the course in which the violation occurred with “Honor Violation” noted on the student’s academic record for a stated time, pending certain conditions.
  4. “F” on the test or assignment on which the violation occurred.
  5. Resubmission of the assignment to the professor with a limited (reduced) number of earned points possible for the assignment.

The Honor Council may attach such conditions to the penalties as it deems justified, within the general context of the Honor System. Conditions may include completion of a course in ethics, a specified number of meetings with a designated faculty mentor and other, similar provisions.

In no case shall any penalty assessed by the Honor Council for a violation of the Honor Code justify any refund of tuition or fees paid to the University by the offender, nor shall it relieve an offender of any debt legally owed to the University.

Expulsion is a penalty normally reserved for especially egregious offenses (such as stealing and selling copies of exams) and for some repeat offenders, however, the decision belongs to the Honor Council and the University has placed great trust in the members of the Council.

All penalty assessments shall include a statement of the length of time that the Honor Council shall maintain the record of the violation hearing in its secure files. In its consideration of penalty assessment, the Honor Council may consider factors such as the student reporting him/herself, and the student admitting the accusation upon being accused.

No grades, including class withdrawals, are considered final until any and all pertinent Honor Code issues have been completely resolved in accordance with procedures described herein.

Any student who withdraws from a course in an attempt to avoid an Honor Code penalty shall receive a final grade of F in that course.

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