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The Masters degree in Community Counseling is fully online and designed to prepare students to become practicing counselors in various human service and mental health settings. The program emphasizes counseling knowledge, skills, and field experience. Upon completion of the program, individuals may apply to become a Licensed Associate Professional Counselor in the state of Georgia. Students outside of Georgia are encouraged to research the licensing requirements in their individual states. Division faculty advisors will work with students to individualize their program of study to meet their state requirements.

 This 60-semester hour program fearures the following:

  • Available completely online with an intership requirementMost Affordable Counseling Degrees
  • No Georgia residency requirement
  • Emphasis on mental health counseling skills and field experience
  • Prepares graduates for status as Associate Professional Counselors  
  • With postgraduates for status and completion of the licensure exam, students can become licensed counselours in their respective states
  • Accreditation by the Council of Rehabilitation Education

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR OUT-OF-STATE APPLICANTS: Every state government regulates whether universities located in other states can enroll students in online programs.  This process is called “state authorization.”  Some states do not allow their students to enroll students in online programs at outside universities at all; other states charge the outside universities high fees to enroll even one student from that state.  For this reason, Thomas University may not be able to enroll students from outside Georgia in every online program we offer.  We accept students from as many states as possible. Please contact Admissions at or 800.538.9784 ext 1114 to find out if your state is authorized for Thomas University. 

The Community Counseling program offers students the opportunity to specialize in one of the following areas (in addition to their Community Counseling Mental Health focus):

  • Addictions and Alcoholism Counseling
  • Human Resources
  • Rehabilitation Counseling

Addictions and Alcoholism Counseling - This specialization is designed to prepare rehabilitation counselors or community counselors to work with persons having alcohol and drug related problems. Students completing the coursework for a Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling or Community Counseling, with a concentration in Addictions and Alcoholism Counseling will meet the academic requirements for Certified Clinical Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor, which is an nationally recognized certification. They can apply for the Counselor in Training certification credential once they have completed their 60-hour program (Masters plus specialization). Program graduates will need to complete an additional 3000 contact hours (for a total of 4000 hours as required to take the CCAADC exam) and then pass the CCAADC exam to earn the CCAADC credential. Those completing the process successfully are eligible to receive the international reciprocal credential from IC&RC, the ICAADC (Internationally Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor).

  • Students in this specialization complete their Practicum, Internship I, II, and III (for a total of 1000 contact hours) in a facility or facilities focused on alcohol and other drug addictions (AODA settings). The supervisor must be a licensed clinician or a certified alcohol or drug addiction counselor.
  • Under this specialization students are required to take:
  • Substance Abuse Counseling Methods
  • ** Ethics related to Addictions and Alcoholism (this is a new course)
  • **Internship III (6 hours) (this is a new course)

* Note: Crisis Counseling & Family Counseling must be taken within the Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling or Masters in Community Counseling program of study. These two courses are required for CCAADC credentialing.

**Students in other states are encouraged to investigate the requirements for substance abuse counselors in their individual states.

Human Resource Management – The Human Resource Management specialization is intended to prepare Master in Community Counseling and Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling graduates to qualify for administrative positions in human service agencies. Graduates will not only be able to function as counselors in agencies but they will be able to fill Human Resource (HR) roles as well. These students will earn a certificate in Human Resource Management.

Rehabilitation Counseling – This specialization prepares students to take the national Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) examination in their last semester of school. They will then be able to work in the field of vocational rehabilitation as case managers, vocational counselors, independent living coordinators, and vocational evaluators.

For more information contact TU Admissions or call 229-227-6925.


Division of Counseling and Psychology

Jim Patrick, Ph.D., CRC, CLCP                 Division Chair & Associate Professor

RCE/COU Faculty

Lisa DeGiorgio, Ph.D., CRC                       Assistant Professor
Pauline Patrick, LCSW, CRC, CLCP          Assistant Professor & Director of Disability Services

RCE/COU Adjunct Professors

Dalea Arnold, M.S., CRC                           Adjunct Professor
Roberta Brette, M.S., CRC                        Adjunct Professor
Jana Clenney, M.S., CRC                          Adjunct Professor 
Andy Courson, M.S., CRC                        Adjunct Professor
Patricia Fedrick, M.S., CRC                      Adjunct Professor
Karen Ferrington, M.S., CRC                    Field Coordinator
Renee Giedl, M.S., CRC                           Adjunct Professor
Larrys Gregory, M.S., CRC                       Adjunct Professor
Vangie Hawkins, M.S., CRC                     Adjunct Professor
Jennifer Howell, M.S., CRC, LPC             Adjunct Professor
Donna James, LCSW                               Adjunct Professor
Ed James, M.S., CRC                              Adjunct Professor
Cristina Jones, M.S., CRC                       Adjunct Professor
Doug Prutting, M.S., CRC                        Adjunct Professor
Bonnie Seery, M.S., CRC                         Adjunct Professor
Todd Van Wieren, Ph.D., CRC                  Adjunct Professor
Melanie Woolfolk, M.S., CRC                   Adjunct Professor

Psychology Faculty

Terry Maul, M.S.                                     Assistant Professor of Sociology
Steve Depaola, Ph.D.                             Assistant Professor
Jodi Yambor, Ph.D.                                 Full Professor

Psychology Adjunct Professors
Dede Avery, M.S.                                    Adjunct Professor
Robin Braun, M.S                                    Adjunct Professor
Zeke Beard, M.S.                                    Adjunct Professor
Josh Fix, M.S.                                         Adjunct Professor (Statistics)
Joseph Garmon, Ph.D.                           Adjunct Professor

Thomas University
Division of Counseling and Psychology
1501 Millpond Road
Thomasville, GA 31792


Number of new students enrolled:  Year 2012 – 2013 = 28

Total of students enrolled:  Year 2012 – 2013 = 113

Number of graduates:  Year 2012- 2013 = 31

Accreditation Status:  Accredited by CORE

New faculty:
Cristina Jones, Ph.D., CRC, Assistant Professor
Rose Demarkos, MS, LPC, CRC, Adjunct Professor
Beatrice Foster, MRC, CRC, Adjunct Professor
Emily LaMoureux, MS, CRC, Adjunct Professor
Timothy Schmutte, Psy.D., Adjunct Professor
Stacia Schonbrun, Ph.D., CRC, Adjunct Professor
Matthew Sprong, ABD, Adjunct Professor
Henry Wong, Ph.D., CRC, Adjunct Professor
Melanie Wookfolk, MS, CRC, Adjunct Professor

Number of New Faculty: 9

Students in the Honors Society, Rho Chi Sigma:

Miracle   Adkins
Michelle   Alden
Rhonda Latrese Aldridge
Cynthia Maxine Anderson
Shaquwanda   Baker
Elaine   Banks
David Douglas Barnett
Rodney Joh-Vanni Bee
Debbie   Beeson
Carla Denise Bell
Kristen Dukes Benfield
Bernadette Marie Bayoca Bennett
John   Blackmon
Tracy   Brack
Jay D. Brown
Sandra E. Bryant-Thompson
Vanessa Tammy   Bryant-Young
Sherry Ann Burns
Jessica Marie Calloway
Bernadette Ward Carter
Jessica Marie Carter
Rosalyn Simona Carter
Shirley Kay Chandler
Jana T. Clenney
Mandy Lynne Conahye
Anita   Coney
Andrew J. Courson
Stephanie   Crenshaw
Aritha Denise Currie
Anita   Curry
Vanessa Laquanne Dawson
Lisa   DeGiorgio
Catina Latrell Dudley
Stella Renee' Dunnaway
Fran Lendall Everett
Charlie   Fields
Pamela Yolanda Florence
Kelli   Fortune
Tierra Ja'niece Frazier
Carla Vontrease George
Rochelle Ann Golden-Davenport
Annie   Graham
Berlinda   Gray-Smith
Myrtle Harrison Greene
Dana C. Griner
Dawn H. Groover
Marcia Lynn Hall
Stacey Collins Harris
Alice G. Harvey
Lester Jerome Hayes
Tynisha LaShay Haynes
Pam R. Hill
James   Howell
Christina Ann Hughes
Katherine Alane Hunt
Kenyatta Nicole Jackson
LaToya Monique Jackson
Tina Loretta Jackson
Elizabeth Ashley Jenkins
Quinetta LaFaye Johnson
Sheila Yvonne Johnson
Taresa   Johnson
DaLaonne   Jones
Sheila   Keeton
Angela Denise Keys
Stacie Rae King
Gwendolyn Rene Kyles
Laura Ann Lagemann
Gwendolyn Ann Ligon
Christina Lyn Martin
Lourena Marie Maxwell
Arlene Lashea McCullough
Courtney Michelle Mills
Kimberleigh Rose Moore-Willis
Crystal Marie Morrison
Catherine   Murphy
Shannon   Murphy
James Norton Patrick
Jennifer Dominey Quaglietta
Felicia Cora Ratliff
Theresa C. Reese
Selma Sheree Revels
LaTeisha LaFaye Reynolds
Agnes Marie Robey
Pamela Lynn Ross
Charles Edward Rowe, Jr.
Gwendolyn Chappell Russell
Annie Freeman Salami
Michelle Nicole Scott
Vershonda Patrice Scott
Dawn Rochelle Seabrooks
Charlene   Seal
Loretta   Shelton
Kim Edwards Simmons
Tonya   Slaughter
Celesta N. Spencer
Linda Jacquelyn Strickland
Naomi Janet Stuart
Shirley   Swinney
Wysteria Yolanda Toombs
James S. Waddington
Curtis Earl Wallace
Melanie   Webb
Jacques   Webster
Consondra   Williams
Jaymi   Williams
Porsha   Williams
Sarah Kathryn Willis
Catherine Ann Wimberly
Iretha   Woods
Louise P. Yale
Manfredo   Zapata






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