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Claire Dede Avery, Ph.D.
Division Chair
Assistant Professor of Counseling and Psychology


Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling Faculty:

Cristina Jones, Ph.D., CRC
Program Director & Assistant Professor
Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling Graduate Program

Pauline Patrick, LCSW, CRC, CLCO
Program Director & Assistant Professor
Undergraduate Rehabilitation Studies
Director of Disability Services

James Brightman, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Lisa DeGiorgio, Ph.D., CRC
Assistant Professor

Karen Ferrington, M.S., CRC
Assistant Professor
Fieldwork Coordinator


Psychology Faculty:

Steve Depaola, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Terry Maul, M.S.
Assistant Professor

Jodi Yambor, Ph.D.
Full Professor


Adjunct Professors:

Robert Brettel, M.S., CRC

Jana Clenney, M.S., CRC

Patricia Fedrick, M.S., CRC

Josh Fix, M.S.

Rene Giedl, M.S., CRC

Larry Gregory, M.S., CRC

Jennifer Howell, M.S., CRC, LPC

Donna James, LCSW

Ed James, M.S., CRC

Kimberly McCollum, Psy.D.

Doug Prutting, M.S., CRC

Courtney Royal, M.S.

Todd VanWieren, Ph.D., CRC

Kristin Webster, M.S.

Henry Wong, Ph.D., CRC

Melanie Woolfolk, M.S., CRC



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