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Experiential Learning Course Credit

Experiential Learning Course Credit is an option for non-traditional college students who bring significant work experience, both in terms of years and responsibility, to obtain course credit for specific courses in their major if they can demonstrate achievement of course outcomes and competencies obtained through prior learning experiences.

Experimental Learning Course Credit is available for the following courses:

  • SPE 105 Oral Communication for Professionals
  • NSG 490 Special Topics
  • CRJ 390 Specialization

The requirements for earning experiential learning credit follow the guidelines of the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning.


To be eligible for Experiential Learning credit for this course, a student must meet the following criteria:

  • Be enrolled in a TU degree completion program (RN-BSN, BS in Medical Lab Science) or transfer into a major program as a junior;
  • Have a transfer G.P.A. of 2.0 or better;
  • Successfully complete or transfer ENG101 and ENG102; (CRJ majors seeking credit for CRJ 390 must also have completed a minimum of 21 upper-division credits at Thomas University).
  • Document at least 3 full-time equivalent years of employment relevant to the course credit you are seeking;
  • Understand that plagiarism, falsification, or misrepresentation are unacceptable and will result in rejection of the portfolio;
  • Pay $350 fee if materials merit course credit. 

A student seeking Experiential Learning credit must complete a request form supplying/verifying the information above. A screening committee will determine whether the student meets the requirements to proceed with the portfolio.  An assessment committee made up of faculty/administrators in the Area of Arts and Sciences will determine whether the portfolio merits course credit.

Steps for students seeking Experiential Learning credit:

  1. Complete a request form supplying/verifying the information above to John Meis, Associate VP of Academic Affairs:  Permission to proceed must be received before a portfolio is submitted.
  2. After initial approval to proceed, submit portfolio or other requested materials. (See links below for requirements for specific courses)
  3. An assessment committee made up of faculty/administrators in the appropriate Division will review the portfolio and/or other materials to determine whether the portfolio merits course credit.

Requirements for Experiential Learning Credit for Specific Courses

Click the link to read about learning outcomes and portfolio requirements:

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