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Honor Council

Honor Council Group


  • President – Kristy Wainwright
  • VP Education – Denik Camon
  • VP Administration – Miriam Jackson

Regular Members

  • Brittany Blasko
  • Chelsea Dolan
  • Gabriell Johnson Cameron
  • Morgan Colvin
  • Andrew Berg
  • Jessica Mobley
  • Alexandria Walter
  • Michael Morabito
  • Samari Josey


  • Pauline Patrick


  • Dr. Susan Otto, Chairperson of the Division of Nursing
  • Robin Ouzts, Director of Academic Resource Center
  • Shannon Woods  Assistant Professor of Nursing
  • Chrissy Gainous – Director Financial Aid 

The Honor Council

Primary responsibility for implementation of the Honor Code is vested in the Honor Council, which is composed entirely of members of the student body. The Honor Council has two major roles: education and enforcement.  Honor Council Members who have served for two or more semesters in good standing are recognized at Commencement and wear a purple stole.

Honor Council Membership

The Honor Council shall be composed of fifteen students. Subject to decisions of the Honor Council Membership Selection Committee (see below), the only stipulated qualifications for Council membership are:

  • actively enrolled as an on-campus student during the term of Council membership
  • maintenance of a minimum grade point average of 2.5
  • have completed at least one semester of on-campus enrollment at Thomas University
  • availability to attend required Honor Council meetings and hearings during daytime hours.

Honor Council Membership Selection Committee

The committee is composed of four members:

  • The President of the Honor Council
  • Staff Representative of Enrollment Management/ Student Affairs
  • Speaker of the Faculty Senate
  • Faculty Advisor to the Honor Council (this position is appointed by the University President)

The committee shall meet annually during the spring semester and as needed to solicit and evaluate nominations to the Honor Council and to select Honor Council members for the next academic year no later than May 1. All appointments to the Honor Council are for a period of one academic year, (beginning of fall semester to end of summer semester) with new members eligible to substitute for absentee members during summer semester (or earlier, as directed by the Honor Council President), after their selection but prior to the beginning of their standard term of membership. Nominations may be from any source, including self-nominations. Appointees shall be notified via letter from the chair of the committee. Appointees must agree to attend special training sessions as a condition of appointment. The President of the Honor Council shall provide for public notice of the selection of Honor Council Members after receiving notice of acceptance from those selected.

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