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How to Create a Secure Password

Creating a secure password involves a few simple steps. The key is to create a password which will be easy for you to remember, difficult for someone else to guess, and difficult for a malicious program to crack.
  • First, think of a word with two or three syllables. It should have at least eight letters, more are better.
  • Next, deliberately misspell the word. Add some extra letters, or spell the word phonetically; the way it sounds
  • Now, substitute two numbers for two of the letters. I like to pick a number that looks like a letter. For example, a "3" looks a bit like a backwards "E".
  • Substitute a special character (%$@*:, etc.) for one of the remaining letters
  • Make at least one of the remaining letters a capital
  • spaghetti

  • spugeddee

  • 8pug3dd33

  • 8pug3#d33

  • 8Pug3#d33

Congratulations! You've created a secure password that will be very difficult for someone else to figure out. Of course, the most important way to keep your new password secure is this: never tell anyone your password and never send your password through email. If you believe the security of your password has been compromised, don't wait, change your password right away! No one at Thomas University will EVER ask you for your password.
 Be sure to note your new password in a secret place in case you forget. Once you get accustomed to using it, you'll find you have no trouble remembering. After all, your password is easy: spaghetti!
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