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System Recommendations

The following recommendations give minimum requirements, recommended, and advanced criteria for a computer for use in classes at Thomas University. Recommendations are given for both Windows and Mac computers and for both laptops and desktops.

  • The minimum requirements represent the oldest and least powerful computer a student could use to access Blackboard and Collaborate which are required for all online and hybrid courses as well as for some face-to-face courses. As new technology is developed, the minimum requirements could change. A system meeting the minimum requirements may not be viable for much longer than one year.
  • The recommended system represents the least powerful system, and possibly the least expensive, that a student could purchase new. A system meeting the recommended requirements should be viable for 3-4 years.
  • The best system represents an additional investment to upgrade hardware components such as video, memory, processing speed, and storage. A best system should be viable for 5 years or more.

As always, check with your professors and your advisor before purchasing a computer as there may be additional requirements for some classes.



Minimum Requirements

Recommended System


Type: Tablet with USB & Keyboard

RAM: 2-4 Gb
Hard Drive: 30 Gb & Cloud Storage

Operating System:
    Windows 7, Mac 10.5.6
Monitor: Flat Screen

     Processor with 256 Mb Memory
Optical Drive (CD/DVD Player):
      PC: Built In or External
      Mac: Built In or External


Type: Laptop, Desktop or All in One
RAM: 4-8 Gb

Hard Drive: 250 Gb

Operating System:

    Windows 8 or 10, Mac 10.6.X

Monitor: LCD/LED Flat Screen

    Processor with 512 Mb Memory
Optical Drive (CD/DVD Player):

      PC: Built In or External
      Mac: Built In or External


High speed DSL Wireless

Extreme DSL LAN Line / Cable Modem


Built In Stereo

RCA or USB Stereo, Noise Canceling


Inkjet or Laserjet

Inkjet or Laserjet


Built In HD 720P

USB External 1080P

Web Browser

 Chrome and Firefox

Chrome and Firefox

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