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Commencement Ceremony

Process for Conferring Degrees

  1. Dr. Landis will say, "Will the candidates please rise?" – all graduates stand.
  2. Dr. Bonvillian will authorize awarding your diplomas.
  3. Dr. Landis will ask all but the first row to be seated.
  4. The first row will come forward, filing out to the left as you face the stage.
  5. Subsequent rows will be directed to stand and move forward by Student Marshall.
  6. Graduates will be directed by Jennifer Lindquist as to when to go on stage.
  7. At the top of the stairs, you will hand your card to Dr. Landis.
    1. When she calls your name, you will walk at a moderate speed across the stage and receive your diploma with your left hand and shake hands with Dr. Bonvillian and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.
    2. While you’re shaking hands, a photographer will take your picture.
    3. Go down the steps where another photographer will take your picture again.
    4. A representative from Alumni Affairs, will hand you a TU pin as a gift from the Alumni Association.
    5. Return to your seat and be seated.
  8. Graduate students will be asked to stand.
    1. Give Dr. Landis your name card when your name is called.
    2. With your hood folded over your left arm, walk to the mark on the stage.
    3. Hand your hood to your division chair, face audience, bend your knees if necessary, and your professor will place the hood over your head and straighten it.
    4. Turn and walk to the President and the Chairman for your diploma.
    5. Follow the remaining steps above in Section 7.
  9. When all graduates have received their diplomas, all will be asked to stand and your degrees will be conferred by the President.
  10. Undergraduates, move the tassel on your cap to the left side.


  1. Follow the Student Marshal's directions as she guides you out row by row.
  2. Follow the graduate before you all the way down the stairs so that all graduates can exit the auditorium.


  • Cap & gown should be free of wrinkles (follow instructions provided with gowns)
  • Wear dark dress shoes and dark dress slacks.
    • Dark attire looks best under the thin fabric of these gowns.
    • Low heels are strongly encouraged.
  • No flip flops, casual sandals, or slides.
  • Cap must be worn flat on the head.
  • Leave purses in the trunk of your car for security.
  • No chewing gum.


  • Turn off all cell phones.
  • Be courteous if taking personal photographs.
  • Men should remove caps during invocation and benediction.
  • All guests regardless of age (even babies) must have a ticket; you are encouraged to leave younger children at home where they can celebrate with you later.
  • Be respectful of your classmates in your and your guests’ congratulations during the ceremony so that all graduates’ names can be heard.
  • Please pass the programs that are provided down the row you are sitting in.
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