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Transfer of Credit Policies

The registrar will determine the transfer courses which are acceptable toward the student’s declared major. Transfer credit may be given for those courses taken at regionally accredited institutions provided that the courses are at the college level or contained in an articulation agreement that fall within the scope of Thomas University’s curriculum. Acceptability of equivalent courses that fall within the scope of Thomas University’s curriculum is subject to the approval of the appropriate division chairperson and Associate VP of Curriculum and Advising.

Transfer credit will be awarded only for courses with grades of C or higher.

Students who fail a course at Thomas University (defined as a grade below that needed for credit for the course at Thomas University) then successfully complete the same course at another institution cannot transfer that course back to Thomas University without validating competence in that specific course. Competency will be determined by the appropriate division chair.

Students suspended or excluded for academic or disciplinary reasons from another institution of higher education shall not be admitted to Thomas University until such suspension or exclusion is cleared. 

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