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Computer and Internet Basics

Search Engines: Spezify and Wolfram Alpha

Tired of a million results?  Want to get specific?  Try Spezify, a visual search engine that returns only what you want, without the filler.  Want to get more specific?  Try Wolfram Alpha, a computational knowledge engine that answers questions, finds facts and does math! 

Check them out online:spezifyand wolfram alpha

Browser: FIREFOX

Faster and more secure than other browsers, works seamlessly with Blackboard and Collaborate, highly customizable, and best of all, has some unbeatable plug-ins and add-ons available!

Learn more and download the latest version.  

Citation Management: ZOTERO

This is one of those great add-ons mentioned above. Zotero helps you collect, manage, and cite your research and create your bibliography. Works with Galileo databases, can be synced across multiple computers and used with Microsoft Word or Open Office.

Learn more and download the add-on. 

Social Networking and RSS Aggregator: YOONO

Another one for Firefox, this left pane utility feeds Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo & Aim IM, Google Talk, Linked In, Youtube, and more, AND your RSS feeds into one continuously updating stream. Update your status instantly across services, or even log-in to multiple accounts at once. Also available as a stand-alone.

Learn more and download the add-on. 

Short-Cuts: Google Shortcuts for Firefox

If you're addicted to Google services like I am but dislike toolbars, you'll love the Google Shortcuts add-on for Firefox. Display all your Google services in one place.

Learn more and download the add-on. 

Media Browser: COOLIRIS

Browse, share, search, view across services including the Web, Facebook, Youtube, Flikr, and more. Browser plug-in or on your mobile.

Learn more and download. 



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