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Subjects Tutored

The following subjects are tutored at SSS.

  • All developmental subjects
    • REA099 Reading Skills
    • ENG099 Writing Skills I
    • ENG100 Writing Skills II
    • MTH098 Basic College Mathematics
    • MTH099 Beginning Algebra
    • MTH100 Intermediate Algebra
  • Most core-curriculum subjects
    • ENG101 Freshman Composition I
    • ENG102 Freshman Composition II
    • MTH120 Algebraic Modeling
    • MTH140 College Algebra
    • BIO101 General Biology
    • BIO261 Human Anatomy & Physiology I
    • BIO262 Human Anatomy & Physiology II
    • GLY125 Physical Geology
    • GLY226 Historical Geology
    • GEO201 Geography
    • PSY125 Lifespan Development
    • PSY201 General Psychology
    • PSY210 Educational Psychology
    • CHM101 Chemistry I
    • CHM102 Chemistry II
    • HUM200 Humanities I
    • HUM201 Humanities II
    • HUM202 Humanities III
    • HUM203 Humanities IV
    • HIS201 US History & Government I
    • HIS202 US History & Government II
    • SPE105 Oral Communications
    • STA250 Introduction to Statistics
  • If there is a subject not listed, please check with Mrs. Lindquist for tutor availability.
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