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 Blackboard Store

The Blackboard Store News 

- The Summer 2015 Bookstore is open!

-The Fall 2015 Bookstore will open on July 20th.

- All students now have the ability to charge their books to their Student Account in the Blackboard Store.  For more information visit the Student Accounts page.

- Student Accounts expire each semester on a specified date.  After the expiration date a credit card or PayPal will have be used to purchase for your books.

-Back to School: Discounts on computers and other electronic devices

-Computer buying guide and ratings

-Price and Shop:  Buying a computer

Quick tips for ordering your books from the blackboard store

Summer 2015 Booklist

Purchase Textbooks

Once you have registered for classes you will need to purchase your textbooks.  The TU Bookstore is fully online throught the Blackboard Store and MBS Direct.  To purchase your books in our Blackboard Store please follow the 8 easy steps below or view the Student Guide for Ordering Books.

To view and/or purchase your required textbooks through the TU Blackboard Store…

1. Login to your Blackboard Learn account which is accessed through your Hawklink portal.

2. Once you have logged into Blackboard, click on Blackboard Store located in the left navigation. I

3.  Select which books you would like to purchase using the “Add Selected” button.  

4.  Click Next Course and continue selecting your books until you are ready to checkout.

5.    When you are done adding books to your cart click “Checkout” 

6.  A Login to your Blackboard Store pop up will appear.  Enter your student email address and password to begin the checkout process

7.  Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your order
            -Enter your shipping address
            -Choose your shipping method
            -Choose your payment option

Student Account payment option: if you choose “Charge to Student Account”, you will be asked immediately for your STUDENT ID and PASSWORD. Your STUDENT ID (A0000012345) can be found in your student portal, Hawk Link. Your PASSWORD is your Firstname.Lastname (no space, dot in-between, first letters your first and last name are capitalized)

8.  Review and Place Your Order.  You will receive a confirmation email to notify you that your order was submitted successfully.  

Please note that you are not required to purchase your textbooks through the Blackboard Store.

Need Help?

If you experience any problems while placing your order online, resetting your password, or need help with an e-book/access code please contact Blackboard Store Help Desk at 1-866-638-5900 or

For help with returns or to place an order over the phone please contact MBS Direct Customer Care at (800) 325-3252

For any other bookstore questions or comments please contact Lauren Grubbs, TU Bookstore Coordinator, at or 229-226-1621 or 800-538-9784 ext. 1100.


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