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7c. Identification and Education of Children with Special Needs

7c      Describe how the unit will ensure that candidates in all teaching fields will complete 3 or more semester hours or the equivalent in the identification and education of children who have special needs.

The unit ensures that the teacher candidate completes 3 semester hours in the identification and education of children who have special needs in EDU 468, Exceptional Learners. EDU 468 is required for the teacher candidate majoring in Early Childhood Education, Middle Grades Education, and Secondary English or Secondary Mathematics Education Bachelor Degree Programs, and Post Baccalaureate Certification Middle Grades and Secondary English or Secondary Mathematics programs and is taken in Professional Core II. This required course is designed to build the knowledge base of the teacher candidate to enable them to teach students with exceptionalities. Principles, concepts, and practices for effective teachers working with students with exceptionalities are developed. This course requires that teacher candidate:

  • Become familiar with current laws concerning students with special needs including those with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, definitions and identification procedures, criteria for identification, issues with labeling learners and prevalence figures.
  • Identify physical, cultural, cognitive, emotional and social needs of individuals without or with identified exceptionalities.
  • Discuss the need and importance of safe, supportive positive learning environments in which all learners /exceptionalities, diversities are valued.
  • Discuss and utilize instructional and remedial methods including technology to develop the skills of individuals with identified special needs as well as all learners.
  • Discuss the curricula, materials and techniques for the positive development of exceptional learners.


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