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5d. Modeling Best Professional Practices in Service

5d.1.      Describe the types of service that will be expected of faculty and how the unit will ensure that faculty are appropriate engaged in service to the profession.

Faculty at Thomas University are expected to contribute towards the operation of the University by participating in Faculty Senate meetings, Division meetings, and other academic functions sponsored by the University. Faculty are required to be a member of two University Committees. Voluntary participation in other activities of the University, such as a) leadership in some area of university life such as governance, faculty development, etc., b) service in the community which is meaningfully related to the accomplishment of university goals c) service as advisor to a student organization, d) Planning and/or participation in extra-curricular activities, and e) planning and/or participation in curriculum-related enrichment activities outside normal course offerings, is encouraged.  The University strongly encourages faculty members to become involved in service to the community outside the strictly academic field, and values the work of faculty members who are so involved.  Such service may include, but are not restricted to, lectures to non-professional community groups, community leadership positions, or participation in non-profit organizations who serve the general public.

Faculty in the Division of Education are actively involved in service activities within the Division.  All faculty are required to serve on Division committees, as needed.  These committees include:   Admissions/Advising Committee, Curriculum Committee, Assessment Committee, Advisory Committee, and the Field and Clinical Experience Committee. Additionally, faculty are expected to serve the Division by assisting in the planning and implementation of all Division sponsored events, such as new student orientation, Kappa Delta Phi orientation, Clinical Teacher Training meetings, and events with PK-12 partner schools.

Annually the faculty member meets with the Division Chair for an annual evaluation. At the meeting the faculty self-report their service involvement the chair and faculty member discuss goals in regards to service. Progress towards these goals is reported at the next annual interview.


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