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5a. Qualified Faculty

5a.1.      Table 8 is linked at 5a.5.

5a.2.      Describe the expertise that qualifies professional education faculty members who do not hold terminal degrees for their assignments.

Those without terminal degrees have rich experiential backgrounds and have demonstrated competency for their Thomas University assignments.

5a.3.      Describe how the unit will ensure that school-based faculty members are certified in the areas they teach or are supervising.

The Division of Education collaborates with 12 school districts in selecting the PK-12 teachers who serve as mentors for teacher candidates.  Requests for placements are made to the district-level administrator in charge of placement for field and clinical experiences, who verifies that selected teachers are certified in the content and grade level they teach and are supervising. All PK-12 mentor teachers have been certified/licensed by the state of Georgia in assigned teaching areas and are considered to be a highly qualified teacher as defined by the “No Child Left Behind” federal legislation.

5a.4.      Describe acceptable contemporary professional experiences in school settings expected of higher education clinical faculty members.

All full-time faculty are required to maintain recent experience in PK-12 schools through annual participation as a member of  a school advisory council, ongoing tutoring of a PK-12 student, or by teaching in the PK-12 setting at least once a year. Most full time faculty are involved in either a field-based methods experience or student teacher supervision, which provides them opportunities to keep up-to-date with current classroom practices. Several serve on school boards, on state assessment advisory committees, mentor/tutor PK-12 students, and otherwise continue to be involved with PK-12 students.  All of the division’s part-time clinical faculty possess a wealth of recent PK-12 teaching and administrative experience

5a.5.      Table 8

Click here to view Table 8.



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