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Program Student Learning Outcomes

The graduate of the MSN-MBA Dual-Degree program will achieve the program outcomes of both the MSN and MBA programs.
MSN Program Student Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of the MSN program, the graduate will be able to:
1.  Apply theories, concepts, strategies, and research findings in nursing and other disciplines to enhance the quality of health care and improve the environment in which health care is provided.
2.  Analyze the impact of health care policies on health care delivery systems and the health care needs of specific populations.
3.  Utilize information technology to assess, analyze, evaluate, and improve the quality of nursing care and patient care outcomes.
4.  Articulate and analyze the ethical, legal, financial, social, and political issues impacting health care, nursing practice, and education and identify and implement strategies for resolution.
5.  Collaborate with other health care professionals, consumers, and other key stakeholders to effect needed change in health care delivery systems.
6.  Function effectively in the advanced professional nursing roles of leader, advocate, educator, and researcher.
MBA Program Student Learning Outcomes

1.  Students will apply requisite knowledge and information for the development of framing and solving problems. Students will demonstrate a proficiency in the integration of the functional areas of business.
2.  Students will demonstrate an understanding of the link between strategic analysis, integration of theory and practical implementation. Students will demonstrate a proficient or exemplary level of case analysis in a global business environment.
3.  Students will apply quantitative techniques. Students will demonstrate the ability to apply appropriate analytical concepts from the common body of business knowledge to evaluate the business environment and choose appropriate action for the business problem.
4.  Students will demonstrate an understanding of professional levels of oral and written business communications and presentation skills.
5.  Students will demonstrate the ability to communicate through written and oral presentations. Students will demonstrate the ability to function as an effective and productive member of a project team and will demonstrate the ability to apply project management skills in a diverse world. Students will participate in group project management addressing practical business situations.
6.  Students will develop an awareness of professional business ethics. Students will demonstrate an understanding of ethical issues and behaviors through an exit survey.
7.  Student will develop an understanding of diversity including ethnicity, gender, age, physical differences, sexual orientation, race, and religion. Students will demonstrate an understanding of diversity issues and its influence in the domestic and international business environments.

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