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Articulation/Advanced Placement

Thomas University participates in the Georgia RN-BSN Articulation Plan. The purpose of this plan is to enable registered nurses to advance their education with minimal loss of credit and/or duplication of knowledge and skills while maintaining the integrity of the educational process and the autonomy of participating programs. The registered nurse articulating to the baccalaureate level will be awarded 36 course credit hours for nursing. These credits will be held in escrow until the student has successfully completed nine semester hours of nursing (NSG 306 and NSG 311). Credits held in escrow will be then be placed on the transcript. The applicant must provide the necessary materials to establish proof of compliance with the articulation criteria at the time of admission. These materials include the following:

  1. Certified transcript of all completed nursing courses from previous nursing school.
  2. Documentation of accreditation status of previous nursing school.
  3. Undergraduate application fee payment

Upon completion of these requirements, the student will be awarded the 36 hours of credit held in escrow. Please contact a nursing advisor for details of the program.

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