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Faculty Borrowing Policy

Standard Circulating Materials

Thomas University faculty and staff can request an extended circulation period for standard circulating library materials that need to be kept for teaching and/or research purposes for as long as one full semester.  This does not include serials or computer equipment.  Faculty and staff are limited to checking out fifteen standard circulating materials at a time.  If an item is checked out for the semester and is requested by another library patron, a library staff member will make contact and request that the item be returned within 48 hours.  All items must be returned within one week of the end of the semester for inventory purposes.  If materials are not returned within this period, faculty and staff members will be charged $1.00 per day overdue fees until the materials are returned.  

Computer Equipment

Thomas University faculty and staff are allowed the privilege to check out equipment (laptops, digital projectors, digital recorders, video cameras, Kindle, etc.).  The checkout period for equipment is 7 days.  The only time that this period will be extended will be to include weekend days and holidays when the library is physically closed.  A late fee of $0.50 will be incurred for each day that equipment is overdue.  ALL faculty and staff will be required to pay this overdue equipment fee.  It is not the responsibility of the library to provide computer equipment for continued personal use.  


The library staff understands that there are some times when faculty/staff might have a need to take serials out of the library for demonstration purposes or for research needs.  Serials can be taken out of the library only if the borrower completes a Serials Checkout Form in the library.  Serials can be kept for up to one week.  After this period, there will be a $0.50 per day fine incurred for each day that the item is overdue.

These policies are in effect to protect the property of the library and to ensure that materials can be made available when needed for all patrons.

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